The Best Way to Remodel Your Basement

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So, it’s finally time to remodel your basement? Basements can be daunting spaces when to remodel because of how big, cluttered and cold they are. In addition, they usually have very little light in them. People usually fill them up with all sorts of unwanted items but this not the best use of your basement. In this article we’ll show you the best way how you can remodel your basement, fast, easy and efficiently. 

Basement Finishing - A Uniquely Colorado Problem

What are you building your basement into?

Basement bar

Most people are really fed up with their basement becoming a warehouse filled with unused memorabilia or junk. Since you’re reading this you finally decided to do something about it!

In order to get things rolling first you need an idea on what type of basement you want to build. Lucky for you, we have a lot of basement ideas here. With a little bit of creativity, you can make that soggy and dreary basement into a bar which will come in handy for any occasion. The most common idea for your bar would be for it to be themed. When it comes to themes there are literally hundreds to choose from such as

  • Man Cave
  • Vintage
  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Minimalistic
  • Neon 

Extra living room

If you are in need for some extra living space and your basement is just collecting dust, in that case that basement is begging for a remodeling. Not every basement can be made into a room so it’s important to take a few necessary steps. Make sure to measure everything, inspect the electrical wiring, plumbing and check what kind of moisture and heat protection the walls have. Building a living room in the basement can be a challenge because all the necessary steps that are required such as ventilation, pest problems, ceiling installation and similar.

Once you overcome all the hurdles, you’ll be able to properly rent out this living space, let relatives sleep over or simply use it yourself as your brand-new living space. The more space your basement has the more options your living room can have. 

Extra bedroom

Most people think about bedrooms as something which is well lit, comfortable and spacious and most of the time a basement bedroom is the last thing on their mind. But, it’s definitely possible if done right. You need to make sure that your basement bedroom is pretty much like any other bedroom, it has great lighting which makes the space comfortable. After that add a table, nightstand a couple of chairs and you can even add wall lamps. Storage can be an issue so most people have a bed which has storage underneath the mattress. For the final touch, add some color to the walls and before you know it this bedroom will look cozy and spacious.   

Basement finishing into a game room

Having a basement game room can work wonders for both adults and children. Depending on how much space you have, you might be able to accommodate both children’s games and adult games. It really depends on who you’re building this basement game room for.

In order to make a proper game room you will need to find the balance between technology and comfort because you can’t have more of either, it just won’t work. Game rooms can have any assortment of games, from billiard pools, tabletop football, darts, all the way to the newest consoles, desktop PCs, arcade games and more. Your imagination can go wild here and the only limit is what you’re looking for and of course, your budget. 

Do you need a basement remodeling contractor

The first and most important question most people ask is do they need a basement remodeling contractor or can they do it themselves. In most cases people don’t have the necessary skills or know-how to finish remodeling their own basement and, in that case, hiring a contractor is highly advised. If you’re able to frame a basement, finish walls, install floors, install low ceilings then you won’t need a contractor and you’re probably already one since rarely someone has this much know-how. When choosing the contractor make sure to cover everything with him, from your idea, price per square foot and what is included in that price since some contractors only charge for their services but you need to purchase all the materials separately. 

How long will a full basement finish project take?

The short answer is about 1 to 2 months. This is a rough estimate and you should definitely take this with a grain of salt because finishing an entire project mainly depends on a few key points. The first being how experiences the contractor is and secondly how much square feet you’re interested in remodeling. Whatever the length turns out to be you need to be prepared to wait so give yourself time, as much as it’s required. Remodeling a basement into an extra room takes time, money and effort and it’s usually a big investment, so make sure you know what you want and don’t rush it.

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