The Basement Finishing Process

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So, you are finally looking to develop the best part of your home by finishing your basement. Basements can be daunting spaces when to remodel or finish based on how big they are and all of the possibilities that they present. You can remodel or finish your basement to be anything you want. We’ve seen and done it all.

Because most Colorado homes come with basements and the majority of builders leave these basements unfinished, we at On Point Builders are called on frequently to finish basements.

Basement remodeling and finishing - Colorado's most common home improvement project

What can you turn your basement into?

Turn your basement into a bar

With a little imagination, your basement will be more than just a useful place for storage. A finished basement could be an excellent space to entertain guests, watch the big game, play some pool or let the kids have their birthday slumber party.

Here in CO, it’s no secret that we are big fans of the Broncos and the Rockies. What better way to watch the football game on Sunday than to do so in a finished basement with a large screen TV, a kegerator, a pool table and some friends. This is a dream that we have made a reality for many of our Colorado neighbors, especially those in the South Denver suburbs.

Do you want to take your fandom one step further? Not only can we have the game on the TV, what about painting the walls Blue and Orange to show off team spirit? Need a built in trophy case to show off your signed John Elway helmet that you won at auction. Not a problem. We can build the basement out to be exactly what you want.

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Extra living room

If you are in need for some extra living space or a second living quarters, designing and finishing your basement to be built out into a second living area is the best option. To do the job properly, you will need ample lighting (electrical), you’ll need plumbing and you’ll need a proper design to make the basement feel like a living room. Thankfully, the majority of Colorado basements that we remodel have some natural light coming in from outside.

Once we complete your basement renovation project, you’ll be able to let relatives sleep over or simply use it yourself as your brand-new living space. The more space your basement has the more options your living room can have. 

Another living quarters

Expanding your home for those of us in Colorado just means finishing our basements out to have another master bedroom in them. This can be done by partitioning the room into two or three sections, mapping out where the electrical and plumbing needs to be going, putting up some sheetrock and building out the aesthetic of the basement.

Building out a full living room and master bath in the basement of homes is one of the more encompassing and labor intensive remodeling and construction projects that we do. With that said, it is also one of the most enjoyable for us. AND, it is the project that we do that historically has added the most value to a home. Homes with professionally finished basements are much more desirable than homes sitting on top of a storage unit. Constructing a full living space with lighting, a bathroom, bedroom and living area is something we take pride in.

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Finish your basement and turn it into a kids room or game room

Like most parents, especially parents of several children, you just want to get away sometime. Well, if you design your basement to be a kids room, you can do just that. If you want some piece and quiet, the kids need a place that is for them and the adults can finally have some piece and quiet upstairs.

A big screen TV, a playstation, a foozeball table and plenty of room for your kids, their friends and their toys. Thankfully, this is now more affordable than you may think. If you lived outside of Colorado, you would need to get permits for an addition to your home. Fortunately, most homes in the centennial state come with an unfinished basement that we can finish for you at a fraction of the cost of a home addition.

Do you need a basement finishing company?

While a basement finishing company is helpful. It is possible to do the job yourself. Before you start, though, understand that this is more than just hanging dry wall. You’ll need to have the equipment, the know-how and the expertise to not just design and construct a beautiful room. You need to know how to safely work with electric, safely work with plumbing and construct various wood vanities and displays from scratch.

Many of your neighbors have decided that the juice is just not worth the squeeze, especially those that realize that a quality basement remodel of finish project is actually an investment that will pay for itself when you sell the home.

How long will a full basement remodeling project take?

The short answer is about 1 to 2 months. This is a rough estimate and you should definitely take this with a grain of salt because finishing an entire project mainly depends on a few key points. The first being how experiences the contractor is and secondly how much square feet you’re interested in remodeling. Whatever the length turns out to be you need to be prepared to wait so give yourself time, as much as it’s required. Remodeling a basement into an extra room takes time, money and effort and it’s usually a big investment, so make sure you know what you want and don’t rush it.