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Material Ideas and Considerations

There are many aspects you need to consider when making decisions on the materials that will be used for your remodel.  For those in the early stages, considerations often include budget and aesthetics, but there are a number of other facets that need to be examined.  In high moisture areas, especially those with minimal ventilation; it is important to choose the most water resistant materials that are not prone to leaking and swelling.  Another consideration is your willingness to maintain the surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen.  Natural stone is very beautiful, but requires it be resealed the every one to five years to prevent damage; if you are not willing or able to keep up with a maintenance routine then ceramic or vinyl may be a better option.  Families with children may want to opt for laminate or ceramic countertops that can withstand spills such as spilled citrus based drinks on the counter.  If you are not certain on what material choices will be best for you; it is our job as the expert to guide you through the process.  Our goal is to have our  customers satisfied at time of project completion as well as one, five, or ten years later.

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