Our process for remodels and home builds

Welcome to Dore and Sons Colorado Remodels, the Denver area’s professional home building and remodeling company.  Either Ryan or Shawn will personally work with you personally every step of the way, whether we start with a blank slate or you already have architectural plans.  No matter what your confidence or experience level is with home builds or remodels we are there to fill in the gaps to make the process stress free and end with a a beautiful new room or home.  

We can offer assistance for all aspects of your project.  Depending on where our customer is in the process; we can help secure permits, draw plans and help with material choices to take your hands off the process as much as you feel comfortable.  At the end of the day we care the the job is completed in a timely manner, on budget, and meets each client’s expectations.   

When you are ready to get started we created a guide below to let you know what the process looks like.  

First consultation

We will start with a 15-30 minute no-pressure phone call.  This is to understand what your project entails, what you have budgeted for your project, and to gather where in the process you are already.  While you are more than welcome to call right away; we also offer an area on our contact form where you can include any plans you may already have or any images that you may be using for inspiration for your remodel or home build.  This is also when we need to make sure that the budget matches your expectation for the scale of your remodel.  We understand that we are not always the best fit for every homeowner and every project; based on your needs and vision, this is something we can discover together.  If after the call we feel we may be a good fit for your project, we will then set an appointment for a visit to your home (for remodels).

In-home visit

Our in-home visits usually last 45 minutes to an hour.  An in-home visit gives us a better idea of the space we are working with and gives us a better sense for the feel you are going for with your home and how your remodel will work with the surrounding rooms.  We can discuss your plans more specifically and we can narrow in on a realistic budget.  Being onsite also gives us the opportunity to briefly inspect any challenges such as structural  or water damage that we may encounter during the remodel.  We have more information on average amounts required on our kitchen, bathroom, and basement budget pages.  If after the visit we (both the customer and us) feel we are a great fit to work together; we can get ready to take the next steps to get to work.  

Design and decision making

In the design and decision making we will work with you on finalizing your plans  This starts with creating a drawing of the work space and making the final choices on materials, fixtures, and appliances where applicable.  At this step our budget proposal will be finalized – on rare occasion we may have to make adjustments (please see our FAQ page).  This is also the phase where we will establish a time-line for completion.  

Permits and Build

The next step is to secure necessary permits to perform your build or remodel.  Once we attain the permits we will begin construction on your room or home.  Throughout the process we will keep you informed on the progress on your remodel.  Once the construction is complete; we will clean prepare the space to be move-in ready.  Each build ends with a walk-through with the home owner to ensure every detail has met his or her expectations.