Kitchen Remodel Cost

Your guide to budgeting for your dream Colorado kitchen

Professional kitchen design and remodeling services

We are known to our friends in the greater Denver area as a high-end home remodeling and professional design company. This means that we are typically unable to accommodate smaller requests such as single fixture replacements and small painting projects. If you are looking to work with a licensed professional design and remodel team, we encourage you to read more about our services.

Cosmetic Makeover

$15 - $30K

May include items such as:

Full Kitchen Replacement

$30 - $60K

May include items such as:

Custom Redesign

$60K +

May include items such as:

Itemizing expenses for an accurate estimate on your kitchen remodel project

One of the main hesitations we hear from clients is “I have three quotes and they all vary $10,000.”  Dore and Sons Construction prides ourselves on giving accurate estimates based on similar past projects.  Our clients tend to be ecstatic with our level of professionalism to give honest estimates with no hidden cost and the potential concerns pointed out during job walks.”

With Dore and Sons Colorado Construction, we make sure we give you an accurate estimate on what your project will cost and when it will be completed. “Past clients often give us feed back such as “we cant believe we stayed on budget” or “wow you finished on time or ahead of schedule.”

Why it makes sense to budget for the best in kitchen remodeling

With so many unlicensed contractors practicing in Colorado, you should make sure you are only letting the best and most experienced construction company work on your most valuable possession. As many of our previous clients have found out, it pays to save up and have the job done right the first time instead of calling us after your previous contractor puts you through the ringer.

When investing in a contractor you should feel comfortable you are getting what you paid for.  Both Ryan and Shawn have bachelors degrees in construction Management from CSU, are licensed in Denver and fully insured.  We have stayed in business this long by referrals because we are honest, knowledgeable in the industry and deliver a great product.

Englewood Colorado Kitchen remodel

Get to know your kitchen remodel team...

Kitchen remodels that we have completed on budget

Kitchen remodeling costs to consider

After a combined 40+ years in construction and remodeling, we know what we are looking for when we look at your kitchen to asses the costs. If you are looking to just update your kitchen with some paint, we can refer to you some of our friends that are newer in the business than we are. Folks typically call us when they are looking to completely upgrade their kitchen and add tens of thousands of dollars in value to their home while creating a much more comfortable and accommodating gathering area.

When we assess the cost of a kitchen remodel we start by sitting down with the homeowner to discuss their goals.  After, we will give our recommendations of cost savings, as well as, the best ways to achieve their dream kitchen.

Once we begin on your project you will have our various suppliers, designer, architect and professional craftsmen at your disposal.  Kitchens are the room generally used to entertain family and friends.  We can help update cabinetry, countertops, backsplash and so much more so you can show it off to family and friends.

For our clients that are looking to make several improvements to their home, we are your one-stop shop. We encourage to you look through our options in basement finishing costs and bathroom remodeling costs and discuss with us further once you have decided to move forward.

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