Kitchen Remodel Cost

Your guide to budgeting for your dream Colorado kitchen

Professional kitchen design and remodeling services

We are known to our friends in the greater Denver area as a high-end home remodeling and professional design company. This means that we are typically unable to accommodate smaller requests such as single fixture replacements and small painting projects. If you are looking to work with a licensed professional design and remodel team, we encourage you to read more about our services.

Cosmetic Makeover

$15 - $30K

May include items such as:

  • New kitchen hardware
  • Kitchen paint
  • Sink replacement
  • New lighting
  • Crown molding

Full Kitchen Replacement

$30 - $60K

May include items such as:

  • Appliance installation
  • New cabinets and drawers
  • Plumbing upgrade
  • Water damage repair
  • New stone or tile counters

Custom Redesign

$60K +

May include items such as:

  • Custom designed cabinetry
  • Integrated appliances
  • Floor replacement
  • Custom features
  • Recessed lighting

Itemizing expenses for an accurate estimate on your kitchen remodel project

One of the main hesitations we hear from our friends and clients is that they don’t want something to go wrong with their project and cost them a fortune. While it is true that occasionally there are issues that arise during a project, any professional should be able to give you an accurate idea ahead of time as to what the project should cost.

With Dore and Sons Colorado Construction, we make sure we give you an accurate estimate on what your project will cost and when it will be completed. This means that we will show you what the expense will be for materials, labor, subcontractors and permits. Once the project is completed, our clients often tell us how happy they are with how the remodel went and that it is not only enjoyable to be able to use their new kitchen, it is relieving to know that everything went according to plan.

Why it makes sense to budget for the best in kitchen remodeling

With so many unlicensed contractors practicing in Colorado, you should make sure you are only letting the best and most experienced construction company work on your most valuable possession. As many of our previous clients have found out, it pays to save up and have the job done right the first time instead of calling us after your previous contractor puts you through hell.

While we certainly aren’t the cheapest, we have been able to build one of the larger remodel and renovation businesses in the greater Denver area by doing great work and always being one hundred percent straight forward and honest with our clients.

Englewood Colorado Kitchen remodel

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Kitchen remodels that we have completed on budget

Kitchen remodeling costs to consider

After a combined 40+ years in construction and remodeling, we know what we are looking for when we look at your kitchen to asses the costs. If you are looking to just update your kitchen with some paint, we can refer to you some of our friends that are newer in the business than we are. Folks typically call us when they are looking to completely upgrade their kitchen and add tens of thousands of dollars in value to their home while creating a much more comfortable and accommodating gathering area.

When we assess the cost of a kitchen remodel, we start by sitting down with the home owner what they are trying to accomplish and sharing our thoughts on what will look the best in their home. We do find that some customers don’t know what they are looking for just yet and that they will end up looking for our guidance on what counters, lighting, backsplash and appliances they should install. It also isn’t uncommon for a customer to think they know what they want and then completely change their mind once we share our opinions with them and give them examples.

Counters seem to have overtaken cabinets as the focal point in modern kitchens. It is less common for kitchens in new homes to be painted bright colors as most builders here in Colorado opt for an unpainted and neutral oak. In order to make your counters and island pop, we have seen great results by installing granite or marble. We typically match this with a stone backsplash and the kitchen is complete.

Some more elaborate modern homes go with integrated appliances so that they match the rest of the kitchen and the rest of the home. When this is the look that are client is trying to achieve, we will usually encourage them to look into Sub-Zero or Frigidaire appliances as they are the most versatile and reliable when integrated with the rest of the kitchen.

For our clients that are looking to make several improvements to their home, we are your one-stop shop. We encourage to you look through our options in basement finishing costs and bathroom remodeling costs and discuss with us further once you have decided to move forward.

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