Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know how we work...

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with your home remodeling or building project.  Don’t worry we are here to make the process as easy as possible so you can rest assured that you will be thrilled with the finished product.

In most cases yes, but that means we are very familiar with the process of obtaining permits throughout the Denver Metropolitan area and we will handle the paperwork and inspections for you,

This obviously varies quite a bit depending on the project, however we pride ourselves in providing accurate estimates before we start a project including taking into the account unexpected such as a unusually heavy rainfall.  If something arises that may change the time frame in either direction; we will keep you informed.

We will work on projects throughout the Denver Area, while most of our projects are in the south Denver suburbs around Centennial, Englewood, and Littleton.  For a more complete list of our service area please visit our service area page.

You can make the choices in the style and design of the materials for your project, but we will provide the materials for your project.  We can make specific exceptions, for example, if you want to use antique kitchen cabinet hardware; we will work to accommodate those materials.

It’s best we start with a phone call or an email if you have attachments you would like to provide before we speak to each other.  Once we speak to each other; we can start discussing your vision for your project and start setting a realistic budget.  If we decide we are a good fit to work together then our next step will be an in-home visit (in most cases) so we can narrow in on the details of the build.

While often used interchangeably; an estimate will just give you a basic idea of the cost and is something we can provide after our first conversation.  We will provide a quote after our first on-site visit and once we have finalized the details of the scope of the project and the materials involved.  We pride ourselves on provided accurate quotes and you can learn more on our bathroom, basement, and kitchen budget guide pages.

The short answer is yes.  In most cases we are right at our quoted amount, however, especially on older homes we may encounter structural damage that may increase the costs beyond our quoted amount.   Our 40 plus years of experience helps us account for typical issues that can arise, however it is impossible for us to account for all situations on all homes.  In the rare case additional work may be needed we pledge to keep you informed of any unforeseen issues with the promise of completing a project that will be safe and last for years to come.

This depends greatly on the scale of the project.  For multi-room remodels we suggest that you find a temporary place for you and your family.  This will make it more pleasant experience for you for the duration of your remodel and will usually decrease the time it takes us to complete the project.