Denver Area Remodels 2020-2021

Construction in Denver During Covid-19

On Point Builders has continued to tackle new projects and work the complete existing remodels, renovations, and remodels since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We have worked hard to meet new challenges including taking additional safety precautions and staying in adherence of Colorado and local Denver area guidelines  While the Covid-19 started with an a slowdown in home remodels and housing renovations in the Denver area, things quickly turned around.  As people realized that working from home was going to become more than just a short-term solution to the pandemic they started to invest in their new office space. 

Amongst the most common renovations was finishing basements that were formerly seen as a lower priority moved to the tops of homeowners’ lists so they could have a quiet place to work.  These projects ranged from flooring and paint to a complete excavation around the basement to waterproof the newest living space added to the house.   Whether the finished basement became the kids new playroom or the new office for working adults, On Point Builders stepped up to complete the home-owner’s vision. 

Basements, rooms that were formally bedrooms, and even garages all became offices.  All that is not to say that bathrooms and kitchens were ignored.  Weekday lunches went from being prepared at a local fast food restaurant to the home kitchen.   Home owners looked to update kitchen their appliances, cabinets, kitchen hardware and countertops to make the cooking experience more enjoyable.  

Bathrooms were also not ignored.  People started placing and increase priority on cleanliness and sanitary practices and the bathroom remodels were a natural extension of that.  On Point Builders replaced counter-tops, showers, bathtub surrounds, piping and flooring.  With more family members home throughout the day; bathroom spaces became more crowded so we found ourselves turning half-baths in to full baths to accommodate for the increased traffic.  .

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If you have found yourself in a similar situation to some of your Denver area neighbors in the situation above then please call Ryan at On Point builders to get started on your basement finishing project, kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel.  The budget you have allocated to family vacations or the new car you needed for your 40 mile daily commute can be put to use on an addition, remodel, or renovation to your house.  We take pride in our attention to detail and maintaining a clean work environment and staying within budget all while finished the project to our customers’ expectations. 

Contact us today or visit or bathroom, kitchen and basement budget pages today to make your vision for your home come to life.  You can also find more information on our FAQ page.

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Shawn & Ryan Dore have been proud Colorado residents and business owners for over 20 years. They have performed hundreds of kitchen remodels and hundreds of new custom homes constructed.

Until now, Shawn and Ryan have focused solely on referral clients.  Recently they decided to expand their clientele sharing their expertise and vast industry knowledge.

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