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Your bathroom is your personal space and plays an important role in your life. Whether you use it to unwind with a warm bath and candles at the end of a long day or love your bathroom to have the perfect lighting so that you can make sure that you look and feel your best in the morning. Dore & Sons construction has done all types of bathrooms and has perfected the art of making your bathroom just how you want it. 

In addition to being a great space for you to feel yourself, it is proven that homes with modern, up-to-date bathrooms with great fixtures are far more desirable to buyers and make the whole home demand a higher price.

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As you likely guessed, Dore and Sons construction is run by the father and son team, Shawn & Ryan Dore. Shawn has been in the trade for over 30 years and doing business with his son Ryan for the past ten. Shawn and Ryan have successfully remodeled hundreds of bathroom remodels and hundreds of new homes constructed.

Until now, Dore & Sons construction has focused on one project as a time. Due to their great reputation, they have taken on clients primarily from referrals. Recently, Shawn and Ryan they have decided to open their books up the public and take on more bathroom remodeling projects.

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Bathroom design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for small upgrades or large master bathroom remodel ideas to renovate one of your most personal spaces in your home, there are several directions for you to go in. Shawn and Ryan Dore have an expansive portfolio of work that you can choose from. They will even visit your home and give you their thoughts and options once you have the budget set aside to be able to work with them.

Whether you are looking to build a large bathroom expansion, or you are simply looking to add a refreshed look to the bathroom you already have, Dore & Sons Construction has a portfolio of jobs just like yours that have been successful. While simple changes such as a new coat of paint can be done in only a few days, we have found that our expertise comes in doing larger, custom projects. If you would like a fresh master bathroom right out of a catelog and have the budget for it, let us show you some popular concepts and give you our two cents on what you should do.

We understand that letting strangers come into your home and work around your family for several weeks can be a difficult proposition. We know that once you meet our team, you’ll feel comfortable that what we have to offer will be a huge benefit to your home and will be a smooth process. When you work with Colorado remodels, Ryan and Shawn Dore’s years of expertise is at your disposal as well as the help of the few subcontractors that have proven to us that they do great work on bathroom remodels and new home construction alike.

If you are interested in learning more about Dore and Sons construction, our bathroom and kitchen remodel services, basement finishing or what the average pricing is for remodeling services.

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